whatwe offer

  • Customised Australian design
  • Australian construction
  • Standardised parts
  • Reference drawings and parts lists
  • Programmed maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Existing system redesign

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About Hydrowash

Hydrowash and its principals have been involved in the design, supply and installation of car, truck and rail washing systems for over twenty-five years. In that time, Hydrowash has been responsible for over 120 cleaning systems.

Hydrowash offers its clients the expertise of a specialized design and manufacturing company operating internationally in wide range of cleaning applications.

We have created new standards in automated special wash plants and vehicle wash systems. The applications of our technology range from small parts-washing applications through to 340-tonne mining equipment and rail locomotives using world-first designs.

With this level of expertise, and supported by other companies within our engineering group, our capabilities are without limits.

Our experience with vehicles and truck-washing systems have led to the development of other systems available from our company, such as façade, aircraft washing and port handling equipment. The knowledge, technology, experience that we have introduced to these and other industries, such as train-washing, was in most cases far in advance of the prevailing technology current at the time and has since been adopted as a standard for many customers.

The wash systems that we have either designed or manufactured in Australia are all unique systems and presented individual and specific challenges to our design team, who responded with precisely what the customers required plus incorporating Hydrowash’s renowned design features:

  • Occupational Health and Safety issues
  • Low capital cost with low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Special consideration to vehicle finishes
  • Low chemical usage
  • Low water consumption
  • Total water recycling where possible
  • Standardization and incorporation of local proprietary parts if possible to facilitate easy and readily accessible spares if and when necessary
  • Minimum ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Energy and resource conservation
  • Optimum level of performance

Hydrowash prides itself on being a single-source solution for automated cleaning products, providing design, manufacture, installation and servicing.



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With over 25 years experience, and over 120 systems delivered, Hydrowash has the experience and knowledge you need to deliver your wash system. Hydrowash is also 100% Australian owned and operated.