Container washing

Our shipping container washing system has full safety interlocks and intrusion protection to stop anyone entering the area under the container whilst washing is in progress and “trapped key” safety system is fitted to access door areas.


Options to our system are:

  • water treatment/ capture/ recycling
  • biocide dosing
  • external insect (flying) treatment application
  • automatic internal washing (40’ container in less than 4 minutes with optional biocide treatment)

The external wash system is fully automatic and requires no operator for start/ stop and only requires the operator of the reach stacker/ forklift to place the box in position which is aligned by locating flanges at the convey.

Also Available

Also available from the Hydro-Wash range is equipment to automatically wash port equipment:

  • straddle
  • RTG (rubber and rail)
  • yard tractors
  • miscellaneous equipment - reach stackers/ fork lifts etc


image image image image image image image image


Video of our container washing system in action.